The Relationship Between Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship

While entrepreneur and entrepreneurship are both connected terms, they have some differences.

Is entrepreneur and entrepreneurship the same? Entrepreneur and entrepreneurship are not the same. An entrepreneur refers to the person who builds and operates a business. On the other hand, Entrepreneurship is a process or an activity. Entrepreneurs carry out entrepreneurship. 

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What Is the Meaning of Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneur? 

Definition of Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is someone who introduces new products and services to the market by innovation.  

An entrepreneur is responsible for their own success. Therefore, they bear all the risk that comes with a business. 

An entrepreneur is a leader who guides their employees to achieve success in their business. 

Also, an entrepreneur turns creative ideas into reality. 

Examples of famous entrepreneurs include Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, and so on…

Definition of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a process or an activity that establishes new businesses. Entrepreneurship includes the initiation, development, management, and operation of a startup company. 

Entrepreneurs carry out entrepreneurship to run and manage businesses. 

Entrepreneurs use entrepreneurship to develop strong relationships with distributors, suppliers, banks, creditors, investors, and other entrepreneurs. These relationships can greatly value the entrepreneur as they help the entrepreneur in difficult times. 

Entrepreneurship has four types: small business entrepreneurship, large company entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, and scalable startup entrepreneurship. 

Entrepreneur vs. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur and entrepreneurship are both similar words, but there are a few differences between them, such as:  

An entrepreneur is someone who starts and conducts business.Entrepreneurship is the activity of starting a business
An entrepreneur is an innovator who introduces new products in the market.Entrepreneurship is the process of innovation
An entrepreneur carry out businessEntrepreneurship is a way for carrying out business
An entrepreneur comes up with an ideaEntrepreneurship makes the idea into reality

Characteristics of Entrepreneur

Now let’s discuss the characteristics of an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur has lots of great and unique qualities and characteristics. A few of them includes: 

1. Self-Confidence: An entrepreneur is someone who believes in themselves. They know their strength and weaknesses, hence they have confidence in themselves. They know that they can achieve anything only if they have self-confidence.

2. Leader: An entrepreneur knows the importance of leadership. They understand how leadership can lead to success in business. Hence, they become the best leaders because their business will go down the drain without it. 

3. Responsible: An entrepreneur is in charge of his/her own business, making them the sole responsible and accountable for their own success or failure. 

4. Risk-Taker: An entrepreneur is well aware of the risk that comes with the business. They are great risk-takers because the greater the risk, the greater reward. 

5. Creative: An entrepreneur is a creative thinker. Their creative thinking leads to innovations that solve society’s problems. 

6. Passionate: The key to great success is a passion for what you do. Entrepreneurs are well aware of this. Hence they are very passionate and focused people who work very hard to achieve their goals. 

7. Self-Disciplined: A self-disciplined entrepreneur is more inclined towards success than the one who is not. Self-discipline helps an entrepreneur keep on track. 

8. Time Management: As the saying says, “Time is money.” A successful entrepreneur knows the value of time. A time spent productive can reap too much reward in the future. Hence entrepreneurs are good at time management. 

9. Communication Skills: If something that can make you thrive in business is good communication skills. Entrepreneurs have excellent communication skills because they want themselves to be successful. 

10. Problem-Solving: An entrepreneur is someone who has great problem-solving abilities. Entrepreneurs face many problems throughout their lives, so problem-solving qualities are necessary. 

Characteristics of Entrepreneurship

The characteristics of entrepreneurship include: 

1. Process: Entrepreneurship is how entrepreneurs run and operate a business.

2. Idea: Entrepreneurship gives shape to the ideas which an entrepreneur comes up with. 

3. Promotion: Entrepreneurship helps in its unique way by promoting the new products and services introduced by entrepreneurs. 

4. Innovation: Entrepreneurship helps to look for opportunities in the market. It fulfills the market need by innovation. Hence innovation is the critical characteristic of entrepreneurship. 


In conclusion, both are similar words, but they have some differences. Such as entrepreneur is a person, and entrepreneurship is a process or an activity. An Entrepreneur carries out business and entrepreneurship through how an entrepreneur carries out business. 

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